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Time spent creating good relationships with people in your industry can pay off for your online marketing campaign. Link building for your web site is now as important, if not more important than having optimised, carefully constructed Meta Tags and the appropriate Keyword Density within your web site or pages.

We at World Domain have fostered many relationships with the owners of websites from all types of industries that have an above average Page Rank. We link your pages to any of these sites that are representative of your industry. This will do two things, firstly as a pure marketing strategy it will naturally increase exposure to both your brand and site. Secondly over time the more links we can establish the higher your own page rank will increase, congruently increasing your search engine rankings.

World Domain always endeavours to partner with companies who's page rank is of a 3 or greater. It will never place your URL on any site that is not representative or associated with your industry.

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