Keyword Density. What is it & what does it mean to me ?

Keyword density or phrase density as some call it seems to be one of those Buzz words in "Search Engine Optimisation" SEO these days. The fact is it really shouldn't be. Keyword Density is the ratio of your "Chosen" keywords on your web page in relation to all other words. Now if you have a web page about pink flowers then one would expect that your web page should mention pink flowers within the content. The ratio of "Pink Flowers" to the rest of the text is "keyword density".

Keyword Density is not as vital as it once was and search engines are relying on many other factors. However keyword density is still extremely important particularly if your web designer spends to much time "beating about the bush" or is too "artistic" then you still may have a keyword density problem.

Lets take our pink flowers web site.

If the designer of this site only had pretty pictures of pink flowers on the site and no text, its keyword density would be 0%. Sure it would be a lovely site but unfortunately no one would ever find it as it would not appear under any search engines. So even though keyword density may not be highly rated by search engines a keyword density of 0% is no good.

The Keyword Density formula is pretty straight forward it is just the ratio of keywords to words multiplied by 100 -

(Keywords/Total Words) * 100

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