Googles Page Rank Algorithm or Formula. What is it & what does it mean to me ?

Google utilises a special, secret Algorithm to allocate each web page "its Page Rank". This Rank is a number between 0 and 10, 0 being the lowest or no page rank and 10 being the highest. You will find pages that have what is considered "important information" like US Governmental and Educational sites to have a page rank of 10. From here sites that are considered "Popular" i.e. sites that many other sites have links to also have a higher page rank, sites like and

Increasing your page rank is one of the first jobs we like to achieve with a new customer. It doesn't matter how well designed a customers web page is, or how "Optimised" it is for a search engines it will never achieve the success that we demand if it only has a page rank of 0 or 1. Ultimately we want your site to at least have a page rank of 3-4 before we start to monitor how our marketing plan went and finessing the site further to capture further sales.

Increasing your page rank takes time so you must be patient. We need to utilise relationships with companies in your industry and purchase link space on their sites. We have agreements with many website owners all who have excellent page ranks in all types of industry awaiting the addition of your URL.

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