Traffic Analysis Services

We believe this to be the second most vital step in the Search Engine Optimisation process. After we have modified your site to the new marketing campaign and presented it to the Internet and search engines we need to analyse all this newly acquired traffic.

It is all well and good having all these new visits by using SEO techniques on the site but we wanted sales not hits!. So now we need to finesse the site so that we can turn these visitors into customers. Our Analytics Software tracks all these visitors and can tell us -

  • Where they came from.
  • What keywords they used if they came from a search engine.
  • What was the entry page.
  • How long where they there.
  • What was their exit page (where did they leave).
  • By analysing all of this data we should be able to slowly over time make small modifications to our work so that we can attract clients to a variety of different entry pages, keep their interest and convert this interest to a sale.

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