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Are you interested in a personalised, confidential and professional discussion about your Internet Marketing strategies ? Why not give us a ring and have a no obligation discussion about your current Internet Marketing why it works, why it doesn't and where to go from here.

Internet marketing is 99% psychology 1% technology. What we do is try to balance this out to make it a little easier to analyse. We take peoples search habits and by utilising technology we can sift out search words for your industry that no other companies are competing for, these are the keywords we base your Internet marketing on. This way we can tailor your campaign and head it in the right direction from day 1.

Let me give you a working example -

Take Joe the plumber (we all know Joe). He has a small web page it tells us Joe's qualifications and license numbers. It informs us to what times and on what numbers we can get a hold of Joe. This is all very informative and well presented. If we could find his site! Now I'm sure if we typed "plumber" into a search engine eventually Joe's' page might turn up. Definitely not first and probably not even on the first 50 pages. Whats wrong ? Well Joe hasn't received any Internet Marketing Services. If we take our software and put in Joe's information we can see very quickly Joe can attract new customers by adding information on "Backed up toilet" and "fix leaky tap" to his existing pages. Just two simple keyword additions and Joe has increased his business 10 fold, all for the cost of a days work.

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