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World Domain are specialists in the design, development and writing of Internet based applications and statistical software. They have developed many proprietary applications to make your Internet Advertising Campaign more successful.

We have software to determine trends in keyword technologies.

Firstly we see what trends are going on and what keywords people are using to search for your industry. We then take these keywords and match them with what keywords other companies are targeting, both with in your industry and those associated with you. From here we can decide on a set of keywords for your particular campaign, without any guessing.

We also use many other smaller programs internally to create and check each page. These are all automated systems and aid us in producing a result for you in an acceptable time frame. We understand that the pressures of timely business practices today are on us all and the quicker we can make these small tasks happen the more efficient we all can be.

After we have finished the first run of your new campaign we use a tracking database to determine exactly where the visitors are coming into the site, what they are looking at, what keywords or other pages brought them to the site and where they left the site. This is the second most valuable piece of software we use, because even though we know we have the right keywords and we are bringing in visitors, we want sales! And visitors are no good without sales. So we can use these reports to see how we can convert more of those visitors into customers.

For a look into the "Lite" versions of our software you can check out our -

Keyword Density Software - This checks your site for Keyword Density or our
Website Analyser Software - Which will show your Meta Tags, keywords and various other interesting pieces of information.

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