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It is all well and good having lovely page content, sharp images and flash animation to arouse the senses. Yet unfortunately no one every gets to appreciate them, because they cant be found. This is typical of hundreds of sites that we work with every year. The worst thing is it isn't anyones fault. Businesses still expect their design company to perform content management and search engine optimisation services because they have asked them for a sexy new web page. This isn't their core business! It is not what they do, they are graphics design people, not advertisers, not IT boffins, their into the arts and a lot of them do some very nice work.

So now you have your new sexy website, STOP!. The first thing you need to do is analyse how this new site is going to fit into your overall advertising campaign. For a lot of companies this is the most expensive advertising they are to perform all year, so why waste it. Once you have decided on what custom you want this site to bring to your place of business it is then time to spend a few more hours over a few days deciding on the exact page content.

Page content is much like the Meta Tags in that alone they will not provide you with a high ranking on the search engines but still a lot of work needs to be put into them so that when we tie the entire site together the content becomes an integral part of our campaign.

Some people will tell you that your Frames or your Dynamic Content are no good for search engine optimising, this is garbage. We can provide content management and optimisation to all sorts of code and pages.

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