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Meta Tags are a very contentious topic at the present. Originally search engines were very basic and all they indexed on where the meta tags. These where easy to manipulate and therefore "cheat" the system. Search Engines have moved on from just Meta Tags and now hundreds of checks are made and used for indexing your site.

This doesn't mean that Meta Tags are no longer useful for your site. Some people believe this and this is fine by us. Unfortunately these people still have trouble looking outside the box. This is also not to say that all sites, need all Meta Tags, all of the time.

Meta Tags are not only used for "Search Engine Optimisation" we also use them extensively for visual Internet Advertising. A catchy phrase on your search engine listing will out vote any other listing on that page no matter how high up it is.

You can utilise our Free Meta Tag Analyser to find out how your Meta Tags look / perform.

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