SEO Packages - Search Engine Optimisation Pricing

Many Search Engine Optimisation companies charge you by the hour and search engine optimisation does take some time. We find it easier to provide our clients a fixed cost SEO package.

Below you will find 3 Search Engine Optimisation Packages and a simple to understand optimisation maintenance plan if required.

All search engine optimisation packages include written reports and objectives throughout the entire process.

SEO Small Business Package
Unsure whether your company would benefit from increased web exposure ? Then this SEO package is for you.
This package sets the foundations of "Search Engine Optimisation" by optimising the first page of your website.

SEO Standard Business Package
This, our standard business package will have up to 8 pages of you website "Search Engine Optimised".
Included in this package are any domain names, new web pages and peer linking systems.

SEO Optimised Business Package
If your primary source of custom is from your website, then this is for you. This is our "Optimised Search Engine Optimisation Package".
This package includes everything in the standard package plus many more pages, keywords and link submissions

SEO Standard Maintenance Package
Maintenance can be purchased with either the standard or optimised packages.
Maintenance not on ensures that your page keeps its already achieve positions for the decided keywords but also to expand on those keywords as trends and markets change. This ensures your website is always at the forefront of your market.

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