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Google Adword campaigns allow us to target an exact audience, with an exact keyword structure at any time of the day. This is great for trying out new keyword combinations before we implement them into a full web site Internet campaign.

Google Adwords work on the pay per click system, where by we select some keywords attach these to a small Adwords advertisement and select the times of day we wish this advertisement to be displayed. When a Google user enters one of these keywords into the Google Search Engine your add is displayed in the "Sponsored Links" section of the page. Creatively worded adds are then required so that we can entice the user to click on your particular Adword over the 10 others, we have proven phrases for this task. Once the user has clicked on your add and entered your site at the designated location, Adwords will charge you for the "Click" at a rate we have negotiated earlier.

Adwords work! Its that simple whether we are using them to test out some new keywords for a future Advertising Campaign or just using them to drive traffic to a site on some keywords with fierce competition, we make them work. As well as having the ability to write winning adds for you Adwords campaigns, we will also list then under our "Google Adword Professional Dashboard", this gives us the ability to manage each Adword campaign daily. We will make sure that we are getting the best placements for the lowest dollar each day of your Adwords campaign.

As well as Search Engine placements, Google Adwords also allows us to advertise on other websites that are related to your business. This is an excellent system to advertise certain products or services after we have done some initial research. For example we may put an advertisement for "Wally's Tshirts" on a prominent jeans site as this will complement someones purchase of jeans perfectly.

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